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sighsra - page artwork pitches

Assigned Floor: Surface/Other

i made quick thumbnails, lmk if you have any questions about these ToT

Pitch 1

Recipe: Pie (loaded with sugar and butter, baked golden brown with a lattice-top crust)
Characters: Laios, Senshi, Izutsumi, and Chilchuck
Monsters in frame: Laios’ sword, Man-eating plant fruit??


  • Background similar to this and this

  • Foreground similar to this


  • Golden brown, lattice top pie with crystalized and some powdered sugar on top will be at center of the piece

  • Characters: Laios, Senshi, Izutsumi, and Chilchuck will be small on top of the pie

  • They will be looking up, as if speaking up to Marcille like they were in Ch.85

  • Senshi will be pointing up, Laios is kneeling and his sword will be wrapped around his arm, Chilchuck trying to climb up the pie, Izutsumi is crouched and looking up but not helping Chilchuck (lol)


  • Various fruits and pie ingredients:

  • Apples, Oranges, Peaches, as explicitly mentioned by Marcille in Ch. 85

  • Lemons, as Laios mentioned one of the pies smelling like lemon also in Ch. 85

  • Optional additional fruits to include that were shown in some panels in Ch. 85: Strawberry, cherry, man-eating plant fruits? (see included manga panels for ref.)

  • Pie ingredients that I would like to include: Egg, sugar (cubes?), stick of butter, slices of butter

Pitch 2

Recipe: Local Cuisine from Marcille’s Hometown
Characters: Laios, Senshi, Izutsumi, Chilchuck
Monster parts in frame: N/A


  • Bowl of ramen with various ingredients: noodles, soup, chasu, garlic, leek, boiled egg, cabbagge, bean sprouts

  • Characters: Characters almost like free-falling into the dish, Senshi giving thumbs up, Laios being doing a like "Ah ha!" kind of gestures like they just figured out the correct noodle dish to make (wrong), Chilchuck with arms crossed behind his head, Izutsumi pointing at them angry for choosing the 'wrong' type of cuisine

  • Flowers floating around from Ch. 80 cover art with Marcille


  • Scenery of Marcille's 'hometown' from Ch. 81

Pitch 3

Recipe: Faligon Stew, Meat pies, & Blood Sausage
Characters: Marcille, Senshi, Izutsumi, Chilchuck
Monster parts in frame: Falin Dragon Parts

  • All characters small in comparison to ingredients/dish

  • Overhead scene of Marcille next to her pot of faligon stew, Senshi next to meat pies, Chilchuck making blood sausage, Izutsumi walking by (All seen in Ch. 95)

  • Ingredients from each recipes splayed around the associated dish:

  • Stew: Faligon tail (end and sliced), onions, garlic, celery, carrot, sage, tomato

  • Meat Pies: Faligon Liver + Breast meat, onion, carrot, mushroom, spices

  • Blood Sausage: blood, garlic, bell pepper